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Review: Universal Pest Control - Peoria, Arizona.

1. They killed our dog. They didn't refasten our back gate. Our beloved family dog Domino escaped and got hit by a car shortly after. I found our dog dead on El Mirage Road. Our entire family still cries over this. When informing Universal Pest Control, they stated "OK, we'll note to secure the gate well on your file." No apologies - no compassion.

2. We recently - and accidentally - wrote a check out of the wrong checkbook (old, cancelled checks were lying around from an old bank account) to them for $31. Instead of billing us or asking us to pay double the next month, they turned my wife in to the Maricopa County Attorney for writing bad checks. For $31!!!

We had been loyal clients for 2 years.

We forgave them for killing our dog, but my wife made a simple mistake and they are crucifying her and trying to get her fined $2500 and 6 months in jail. My wife is a mother of two and we aren't criminals.

In my opinion, Universal Pest Control in Peoria are a bunch of slime bags and I would highly suggest using someone else.


im sorry this happened to you sir, they sound like a bunch jerks. i work for a pest control company now as a route manager. if i had caused such grief i would of personally gone to your home and apologized. to me that would be the right thing to do. im sorry this happened to you. keep ur head up o.k. sal. yuma, arizona.

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