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  • Tuesday, November 06, 2007

    Vote Yes on Prop 300 - Bring the Waveyard to Mesa!

    Today is Special Election day around the Valley - various cities including Mesa, Gilbert and Queen CreekVote YES on Proposition 300 and bring the Waveyard to Mesa, AZ!!  are voting on different Propositions.  I just finished filling in my absentee ballot for Mesa's Proposition 300, which is the only question on Mesa's ballot.  I didn't get it done in time to mail it, so I have to drop it off at the polling place before 7:00PM tonight.

    Mesa's Proposition 300 is about bringing the Waveyard to Mesa.  Most Mesa residents have probably seen the commercials or received mailings regarding the Waveyard by now.  If approved, the Waveyard will be a world class resort which emphasizes water sports.  It will be perfectly located in northwest Mesa, close to the airport, Phoenix and ASU.

    Voters are being asked to approve the sale of Riverview golf course and four nearby softball fields, to the Waveyard developers.  The Waveyard developers would pay $30 million for the land - $10 million up front in cash and the remaining $20 million will be paid over 24 years, with interest, in the form of tax receipts from the property.  Additionally, Mesa would reimburse the Waveyard developers for up to $1.5 million in public infrastructure costs.

    Earlier this year, I was invited to an informational event where Mesa city officials and the people behind Waveyard briefed the real estate community on what Waveyard is about.  It's not just another water park at all.  It's going to have a whitewater rafting river, a king size wave pool, a deep scuba lagoon and other sports venues.  The wave pool is not what you think of when you think of Big Surf or other Valley water parks.  This is a serious wave pool, with huge surf-able waves.

    Vote YES on Proposition 300 and bring the Waveyard to Mesa!!Waveyard is expected to generate $5 million per year in revenue for the City of Mesa.  It will have areas you can go without paying admission, and will have an abundance of retail stores, a four-star hotel with an indoor water park, office space, fine dining and even residential properties.  But it's not just for young people - it will have something for all ages.  And it's not just for Arizona residents, it's expected to attract one to two million visitors per year.

    Officially, everybody seems to be supporting the Waveyard.  I haven't really seen any organized opposition to Proposition 300, but there are people out there who are against it.  Here are some of the arguments I've heard against the Waveyard:

    1. Mesa has approved large projects like this in the past and the developers couldn't raise the money to complete the project.  Don't punish the Waveyard developers for what some other developer did in the past.  I assure you, the City of Mesa thoroughly checked out these developers and their finances.  There are also various financial protections built into the deal for the City of Mesa.
    2. Mesa shouldn't give away money in tax incentives to big developers.  The developers are doing Mesa a favor, not the other way around.  Mesa needs something to generate revenue and Mesa residents should feel fortunate for this opportunity.  Otherwise, the taxpayers will be asked to generate the millions in revenue Waveyard doesn't generate.  Also, Mesa did not take this deal lightly, and has protected itself.  Only 0.75% of Mesa's 1.75% sales tax will be used to repay the $20 million in principal and interest, so Waveyard will be generating revenue for Mesa as it repays the money.  And if the 0.75% is not enough to make the annual payment, the developers will have to make up the difference.  As I mentioned, Waveyard is expected to generate $5 million per year for Mesa city services such as police and fire.  The Waveyard will also create thousands of construction jobs, as well as thousands of permanent jobs.
    3. What about the golf course and softball fields that will be lost?  The softball fields will not be lost, they will just be relocated.  The golf course, on the other hand...well, does anybody really think there's a shortage of golf courses in the Valley?  Come on, now!
    4. It will cause too much traffic congestion.  You could say that about any development, but this project is being planned with traffic congestion in mind.  This area is really perfectly located for such an attraction.  It has great access to multiple freeways, and is already a heavily traveled area.  The developers of Waveyard are way ahead of the nay-sayers, and have already put a great deal of planning into the traffic aspect of this project.
    5. It will use too much water.  This is simply not true.  The Waveyard will use water from a currently untapped, on-site well.  Although it will take up much more space and generate much more revenue for the City of Mesa than the existing Riverview Golf Course, the Waveyard will actually use LESS water.  It will also use much less water than Tempe Town Lake.

    As a city in financial crisis, Mesa NEEDS the Waveyard.  I personally can't see why any Mesa resident would vote no on Proposition 300.  VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 300 and BRING THE WAVEYARD TO MESA!

    11/7/06 UPDATE:  Looks like Mesa has approved the Waveyard!!  All three of Gilbert's propositions were also passed by Gilbert residents.  Here are the election results.

    Visit Shannon Hubbard's Home Page     Written By: Shannon Hubbard

    Great American Realty, Inc.

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    Posted by Shannon Hubbard, AZ Realtor & Computer Guru on November 6, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (1) | TrackBack

    Friday, April 13, 2007

    BlogArizona.com Welcomes the Arizona Mortgage Guru!

    Those who read BlogArizona.com regularly have probably noticed that I myself have been a blog mute over the past few months!  To the many people who read BlogArizona.com each day, I sincerely apologize for my absence.  Of course, there's no excuse to neglect your blog :)   But I will say (in my defense and in defense of the AZ real estate market in general) that I've been crazy busy lately!  No matter what the newspaper or other media may say, BUYERS ARE BACK TO THE ARIZONA REAL ESTATE MARKET!  That's why I haven't blogged lately!

    Now that we've established that the Arizona "real estate bubble" is still not bursting, I want to welcome Shailesh Ghimire to BlogArizona.com.  Shailesh is the Arizona Mortgage Guru and a local Home Loan Expert.  Shailesh and his wife Aimee are a team at CTX Mortgage, serving the Greater Phoenix area.

    If you've read Shailesh's first BlogArizona post or visited his blog, I think you'll agree that Shailesh will make a great addition to BlogArizona.com.  I have no doubt that his posts will add interesting and current content that BlogArizona readers will enjoy.

    I also want to say that while I haven't posted much lately, I have been working on some new upgrades/features for BlogArizona. These improvements will be added over time, and that's all I'm saying so you'll have to keep checking back to find out what they are!  BlogArizona.com is also looking to add new Contributors.  Here's more information if you or someone you know is interested.

    Visit Shannon Hubbard's Home Page     Written By: Shannon Hubbard

    Great American Realty, Inc.

    Cell: (480) 695-6672
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    Posted by Shannon Hubbard, AZ Realtor & Computer Guru on April 13, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (2) | TrackBack

    Saturday, June 03, 2006

    Keep the Kids Cool at Local Jr. High Schools

    Summer is here and if you have kids, they will soon be bored out of their minds!  As a parent, this can make you crazy!  So to keep your kids busy this summer, check out your local Parks & Recreation Department.  Most local cities have a variety of classes, sports and other activities you can enroll your kids in for the summer.  Also, most of the junior high schools have swimming pools that become public pools during the summer months.  Even if you have your own swimming pool, your kids can still enjoy hanging out at one of the city pools.  Some of them have big water slides that the kids love (see Aquatic Complexes below), and of course, there are always tons of other kids there!

    For those who live in Mesa, here is a list of swimming pools where you can take your kids (for a small fee, of course):

    • Brimhall Aquatic Complex - 4949 E. Southern Ave.  (480) 644-5087
    • Fremont Pool - 1001 N. Power Rd. (480) 644-2369
    • Kino Pool - 848 N. Horne  (480) 644-2376
    • Mesa Jr. High Pool - 828 E. Broadway  (480) 644-2377
    • Poston Pool - 2433 E. Adobe  (480) 644-2371
    • Powell Pool - 855 W. 8th Ave.  (480) 644-2378
    • Rhodes Pool - 1860 S. Longmore  (480) 644-2550
    • Shepherd Aquatic Complex - 1407 N. Alta Mesa  (480) 644-3037
    • Stapley Aquatic Complex - 3250 E. Hermosa Vista  (480) 644-4877
    • Taylor Pool - 705 S. 32nd St.  (480) 644-3036

    Fees are as follows:
    -  Younger than 6 months old - FREE
    -  6 months to 17 years - $1 per day ($1.50 at Stapley, Shepherd and Brimhall)
    -  Adults - $2 per day ($3 at Stapley, Shepherd and Brimhall)

    Mesa also offers swimming lessons, competitve swimming and special pool events.  For more information, call (480) 644-4950 or visit the City of Mesa's website.

    Visit Shannon Hubbard's Home Page     Written By: Shannon Hubbard

    Great American Realty, Inc.

    Cell: (480) 695-6672
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    Posted by Shannon Hubbard, AZ Realtor & Computer Guru on June 3, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack

    Friday, June 02, 2006

    What's Up with All the Bee Swarms in Arizona Lately?

    Lately on the news, I've seen several stories about bee swarms in Arizona.  In fact, just yesterday, there were 2 stories about bees in Arizona on the news channel I watch (a national news channel).  There was a story about a dog in Peoria that was swarmed by kajillions of bees and firefighters had to rescue him.  The dog was okay, but a little freaked out as you can imagine!  There was also a guy who was swarmed by bees while he was hiking yesterday.  I'm not sure where in Arizona it was, but I think he ended up falling off a cliff trying to get away from the bees.  I don't think he was hurt too badly, if at all.  I just caught the tail end of the story, so I didn't hear all the details.

    Also, a couple months ago, there was an incident at an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game in Tucson where the game actually had to be cancelled because there were bees all over the field.  The game was between the Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies, and the bees were really going after some of the players (must have been their cologne!).  The bees were so bad, the umpires had to call the game after only 5 innings.  But Arizona was ahead 3-1 so it was okay!

    I don't know why we're seeing so many bee swarms all the sudden, but they are no joke.  I remember when I was a kid, we found a bee hive in one of the trees in our front yard.  My parents called the animal control people and they came out with their protective suits and took it away.

    So what do you do if you're swarmed by bees?  Well, we've all seen the cartoons...you look for water to jump in!  Okay, not really - I just made that up!  According to experts, the best thing to do if you get swarmed by bees is to run (as if you need an expert to tell you that!).  No, really.  Apparently, bees will not usually run more than a quarter mile to a half mile, and a person can generally outrun them.  You should cover your head since they like to attack the head.

    Visit Shannon Hubbard's Home Page     Written By: Shannon Hubbard

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    Posted by Shannon Hubbard, AZ Realtor & Computer Guru on June 2, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack

    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    Mesa, AZ Recommended by "Where to Retire" Magazine

    The March/April issue of "Where to Retire" magazine named Mesa, Arizona as one of the top places for political conservatives to retire.  This is not just due to its political environment, but the article calls Mesa the "ideal destination for retirees with a conservative outlook".  Along with an affordable cost of living, Mesa has great weather almost year round, plus golf courses, restaurants, boutiques, shopping and outdoor activities are all abundant in Mesa.

    The article highlighted the Chicago Cubs' spring training games at Mesa's Hohokam Stadium and the Mesa Arts Center, which is Arizona's largest arts complex.  It also noted the Mesa Southwest Museum is Arizona's most significant museum when it comes to natural and cultural history.

    In addition to recommendations for conservative retirees, the article also recommends the best places for liberal and moderate retirees to live.  For more information, see the March/April issue of "Where to Retire" magazine.

    Visit Shannon Hubbard's Home Page     Written By: Shannon Hubbard

    Great American Realty, Inc.

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    Posted by Shannon Hubbard, AZ Realtor & Computer Guru on May 11, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack

    Friday, March 17, 2006

    Arizona's 'Other Senator', Jon Kyl On Dave Pratt's Morning Radio Show

    Next Monday morning, March 20th, Arizona Senator Jon Kyl will be joining Dave Pratt on Valley radio station 107.9FM - KMLE Country.  Senator Kyl will be on during KMLE's morning show to talk about NASCAR, as he's apparently a huge NASCAR fan.  Dave Pratt, host of KMLE's morning show, is very well known in Valley radio.  While KMLE is a country station, Dave Pratt was famous for his 'red underwear' in the 1980's when he was on 97.9 KUPD, a Valley rock station.  I remember listening to him when I was in high school...in fact, there was an attempt to ban his show from many Valley school buses!  But the crazy parents only made him more popular with Valley teenagers, and we always listened to him on my bus anyway!

    While my music tastes have evolved a little since my teenage years, Dave Pratt (a.k.a. 'the Morning Mayor') is still my favorite radio personality!  Even if you don't like country music, Dave Pratt and the KMLE morning show is a great way to start off your day.  It's especially interesting because channel 12 news anchor Mark Curtis (a.k.a. 'MC') is part of the show.  Dave and Mark have been friends for a long time and listening to them is like hanging out with friends!  You get to see a lot more of Mark Curtis's personality on Dave Pratt's morning show than you see on channel 12 news, and he's really pretty funny!  What I'm wondering is this...since Senator Kyl will be calling in to the KMLE morning show the next several Monday mornings, is MC going to get kicked to the curb on Mondays or will he still be calling into the show too?  Guess I'll have to listen to find out!  Along with Dave and MC, Shappy and Stacey Brooks are also part of KMLE's morning show.  Personally, I think Dave & Shappy are kinda mean to Stacey and need to stop ganging up on her...but it's all in fun and she seems to be able to hold her own with them anyway!  Dave Pratt in the Morning is on weekdays from 5AM - 9AM.

    Senator Jon Kyl may not get quite as much attention from the national media as Arizona Senator John McCain, but Senator Kyl holds many key positions in Washington.  He serves on the Senate’s Finance Committee, where he chairs the Subcommittee on Taxation and IRS Oversight, and on the Judiciary Committee, where he chairs the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security.  As Chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, he is one of six members of the Senate Republican Leadership.  And if that's not enough, he also knows a great deal about NASCAR!

    Senator Kyl will be on 107.9FM with 'Dave Pratt in the Morning' starting next Monday 3/20, and several Monday mornings thereafter.  So be sure and tune in to hear the Senator talk about NASCAR!

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    Posted by Shannon Hubbard, AZ Realtor & Computer Guru on March 17, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack

    Monday, March 13, 2006

    It's Spring Break in Mesa Public Schools

    Mesa Public Schools, as well as Gilbert and many other Valley schools are out for Spring Break this week, March 13-19.  I think Arizona State University is on Spring Break too.  So watch out for kids in the Valley this week!

    If you have kids that are home from school bored to death, or making you crazy, most Valley cities have recreation centers that have daytime and evening programs for kids and even adults.  I know Gilbert and Mesa both have classes that cover everything from Art and Dance to Babysitting for a very reasonable fee.  They also usually offer Spanish classes, swimming and other sports.  You can even sign your kids (teens too!) up for fun day trips to places like SunSplash, laser tag and amusement parks. Some of the recreation centers have everything from rock climbing walls to ping pong tables and aerobics classes.  Basically, Valley recreation centers have something for everyone!

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    Posted by Shannon Hubbard, AZ Realtor & Computer Guru on March 13, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack

    Sunday, March 12, 2006

    Can a New Stadium and New Players Help the Arizona Cardinals?

    The Arizona Cardinals have just signed former Indianapolis Colts running back Edgerrin James to a 4-year, $30 million contract in hopes of improving the Cardinal's running game.  But is there really any hope for the Cardinals?  Some say no - not as long as the Bidwill family owns them.  But I hope there is.  I have watched the Cardinals play since I was a kid when they played in St. Louis (I'm not from Missouri, but my parents are from the St. Louis area and were Cardinals fans way back when!).  So I hate to be negative when it comes to the Cardinals, and I want our team to win...but it's really hard to be an Arizona Cardinals fan!  Perhaps some new players, some new coaches and the new stadium will do the job.  The Cardinal's new west-Valley stadium, which was approved by Maricopa County voters in 2000, is scheduled to open in August 2006.  So who knows, maybe this will be the Cardinal's year!

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    Posted by Shannon Hubbard, AZ Realtor & Computer Guru on March 12, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack

    Friday, March 03, 2006

    Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball - Schedule of 2006 Games

    Baseball and Spring Training are back!  The Arizona Diamondbacks played their first game yesterday and won.  They beat the Chicago White Sox, 9-2.  Go D'backs!

    If you missed yesterday's game, there will be plenty more.  Check out the Arizona Diamondbacks 2006 baseball schedule.

    Visit Shannon Hubbard's Home Page     Written By: Shannon Hubbard

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    Spring Training Games

    Date      Opponent           Time       Location
    Mar. 3    Chicago Sox        1:05 PM     Tucson
    Mar. 4    at Chicago Sox    12:05PM     Tucson
    Mar. 5    Chicago Sox       1:05 PM      Tucson
    Mar. 6    Texas                 1:05 PM      Tucson
    Mar. 7    at LA Angels        1:05 PM     Tempe
    Mar. 8    at Colorado         1:05 PM      Tucson
    Mar. 8    Colorado              1:05 PM     Tucson
    Mar. 9    at San Diego        1:05 PM    Peoria
    Mar. 10   at Milwaukee       1:05 PM     Phoenix
    Mar. 11   Seattle                1:05 PM     Tucson
    Mar. 12   at Kansas City    1:05 PM      Surprise
    Mar. 13   San Francisco      1:05 PM     Tucson
    Mar. 13   Colorado              7:05 PM     Tucson
    Mar. 14   at Chicago Sox    1:05 PM     Tucson
    Mar. 16   Kansas City         1:05 PM     Tucson
    Mar. 17   at Colorado          1:05 PM     Tucson
    Mar. 18   at Texas              1:05 PM     Surprise
    Mar. 19   San Diego          1:05 PM      Tucson
    Mar. 20   Chicago Cubs      1:05 PM     Tucson
    Mar. 21   at Seattle           1:05 PM      Peoria
    Mar. 22   at Oakland         1:05 PM      Phoenix
    Mar. 23   Colorado             1:05 PM     Tucson
    Mar. 23   at Seattle           7:05 PM      Peoria
    Mar. 24   Milwaukee          1:05 PM      Tucson
    Mar. 25   at San Diego       1:05 PM     Yuma
    Mar. 25   LA Angels          1:05 PM      Tucson
    Mar. 26   at Chicago Cubs  1:05 PM     Mesa
    Mar. 27   Oakland              1:05 PM     Tucson
    Mar. 28   Chicago Sox       1:05 PM     Tucson
    Mar. 29   at Colorado        1:05 PM      Tucson
    Mar. 30   at Chicago Cubs  12:05PM    Mesa
    Mar. 31   NY Yankees        6:40 PM     Phoenix
    Apr. 1     NY Yankees        1:10 PM     Phoenix

    Regular Season Games

    Apr. 3    at Colorado   1:05
    Apr. 5    at Colorado 5:35
    Apr. 6    at Colorado  5:35
    Apr. 7    at Milwaukee   5:05
    Apr. 8    at Milwaukee   11:05 AM
    Apr. 9    at Milwaukee   11:05 AM
    Apr. 11   Colorado   6:40
    Apr. 12   Colorado   6:40
    Apr. 13   Colorado   6:40
    Apr. 14   Houston   6:40
    Apr. 15   Houston   6:40
    Apr. 16   Houston   1:40
    Apr. 17   San Francisco  6:40
    Apr. 18   San Francisco  6:40
    Apr. 19   San Francisco  6:40
    Apr. 20   San Francisco  6:40
    Apr. 21   at LA Dodgers  7:40
    Apr. 22   at LA Dodgers  7:10
    Apr. 23   at LA Dodgers  1:10
    Apr. 24   at San Diego   7:05
    Apr. 25   at San Diego   7:05
    Apr. 26   at San Diego   12:35
    Apr. 28   at San Francisco 7:15
    Apr. 29   at San Francisco  1:05
    Apr. 30   at San Francisco  1:05
    May 1    LA Dodgers   6:40
    May 2    LA Dodgers   6:40
    May 3    Chicago Cubs   6:40
    May 4    Chicago Cubs   6:40
    May 5    Cincinnati   6:40
    May 6    Cincinnati   6:40
    May 7    Cincinnati   1:40
    May 9    at Pittsburgh  4:05
    May 10    at Pittsburgh  4:05
    May 11    at Pittsburgh  9:35 AM
    May 12    at St. Louis   5:10
    May 13    at St. Louis   4:15
    May 14    at St. Louis   11:15AM
    May 15    San Diego   6:40
    May 16    San Diego   6:40
    May 17    San Diego   5:40
    May 19    Atlanta   6:40
    May 20    Atlanta   6:40
    May 21   Atlanta   1:40
    May 22    Pittsburgh   6:40
    May 23    Pittsburgh   6:40
    May 24    Pittsburgh   3:40
    May 26    at Cincinnati  4:10
    May 27    at Cincinnati  3:10
    May 28    at Cincinnati  10:15AM
    May 29    at NY Mets   4:10
    May 30    at NY Mets   4:10
    May 31    at NY Mets   4:10
    Jun. 1    at Atlanta   4:35
    Jun. 2    at Atlanta   4:35
    Jun. 3    at Atlanta   4:05
    Jun. 4    at Atlanta   10:05AM
    Jun. 5    Philadelphia   6:40
    Jun. 6    Philadelphia   6:40
    Jun. 7    Philadelphia   1:40
    Jun. 8    NY Mets  6:40
    Jun. 9    NY Mets   6:40
    Jun. 10   NY Mets   6:40
    Jun. 11   NY Mets   1:40
    Jun. 13   San Francisco  6:40
    Jun. 14   San Francisco  6:40
    Jun. 15   San Francisco  4:40
    Jun. 16   at Texas   5:05
    Jun. 17   at Texas   5:05
    Jun. 18   at Texas   11:05AM
    Jun. 20   at Tampa Bay   4:15
    Jun. 21   at Tampa Bay   4:15
    Jun. 22   at Tampa Bay   9:15 AM
    Jun. 23   LA Angels   6:40
    Jun. 24   LA Angels   6:40
    Jun. 25   LA Angels   1:40
    Jun. 27   Seattle   6:40
    Jun. 28   Seattle   6:40
    Jun. 29   Seattle   6:40
    Jun. 30   at Oakland   7:05
    Jul. 1    at Oakland   1:05
    Jul. 2    at Oakland   1:05
    Jul. 3    at LA Dodgers  7:10
    Jul. 4    at LA Dodgers  6:10
    Jul. 5    at LA Dodgers  7:10
    Jul. 7    at Colorado   6:05
    Jul. 8    at Colorado   5:05
    Jul. 9    at Colorado   12:05
    Jul. 14   Milwaukee   6:40
    Jul. 15   Milwaukee   6:40
    Jul. 16   Milwaukee   1:40
    Jul. 17   LA Dodgers   6:40
    Jul. 18   LA Dodgers   6:40
    Jul. 19   LA Dodgers   6:40
    Jul. 20   LA Dodgers   6:40
    Jul. 21   Colorado   6:40
    Jul. 22   Colorado   6:40
    Jul. 23   Colorado   1:40
    Jul. 25   at Philadelphia  4:05
    Jul. 26   at Philadelphia  4:05
    Jul. 27   at Philadelphia  10:05AM
    Jul. 28   at Houston   4:05
    Jul. 29   at Houston   4:05
    Jul. 30   at Houston   11:05AM
    Jul. 31   at Chicago Cubs  5:05
    Aug. 1    at Chicago Cubs  5:05
    Aug. 2    at Chicago Cubs  5:05
    Aug. 3    at Chicago Cubs  11:20 AM
    Aug. 4   Houston   6:40
    Aug. 5    Houston   6:40
    Aug. 6   Houston   1:40
    Aug. 7    San Francisco  6:40
    Aug. 8   San Francisco  6:40
    Aug. 9    San Francisco  6:40
    Aug. 11   Florida   6:40
    Aug. 12   Florida   6:40
    Aug. 13   Florida   1:40
    Aug. 14   at Colorado   6:05
    Aug. 15   at Colorado   6:05
    Aug. 16   at Colorado   6:05
    Aug. 17   at Colorado   12:05
    Aug. 18   at San Diego   7:05
    Aug. 19   at San Diego   1:05
    Aug. 20   at San Diego   1:05
    Aug. 21   at San Francisco  7:15
    Aug. 22   at San Francisco  7:15
    Aug. 23   at San Francisco  12:35
    Aug. 25   LA Dodgers   6:40
    Aug. 26   LA Dodgers   6:40
    Aug. 27   LA Dodgers   1:40
    Aug. 28   San Diego   6:40
    Aug. 29   San Diego   6:40
    Aug. 30   San Diego   3:40
    Sept. 1   at Washington  4:05
    Sept. 2   at Washington  4:05
    Sept. 3   at Washington  10:05AM
    Sept. 4   at Florida   10:05AM
    Sept. 5   at Florida   4:05
    Sept. 6   at Florida   4:05
    Sept. 7   St. Louis   6:40
    Sept. 8   St. Louis   6:40
    Sept. 9   St. Louis   6:40
    Sept. 10  St. Louis   1:40
    Sept. 11  Washington   6:40
    Sept. 12  Washington   6:40
    Sept. 13  Washington   3:40
    Sept. 15  Colorado   6:40
    Sept. 16  Colorado   6:40
    Sept. 17  Colorado   1:40
    Sept. 19  at San Diego   7:05
    Sept. 20  at San Diego   7:05
    Sept. 21  at San Diego   7:05
    Sept. 22  at LA Dodgers  7:40
    Sept. 23  at LA Dodgers  12:00
    Sept. 24  at LA Dodgers  1:10
    Sept. 25  at San Francisco  7:15
    Sept. 26  at San Francisco  7:15
    Sept. 27  at San Francisco  12:35
    Sept. 28  San Diego   6:40
    Sept. 29  San Diego   6:40
    Sept. 30  San Diego   1:10
    Oct. 1     San Diego   1:40

    *All times are Mountain Standard Time.
    **All times are PM unless indicated otherwise. 

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    Wednesday, January 18, 2006

    Golf Courses in Phoenix, Arizona & Surrounding Cities

    Click on an Arizona city below for a list of local golf courses:

    Apache Junction, Arizona Golf Courses
    Avondale, Arizona Golf Courses
    Buckeye, Arizona Golf Courses
    Carefree, Arizona Golf Courses
    Cave Creek, Arizona Golf Courses
    Chandler, Arizona Golf Courses
    El Mirage, Arizona Golf Courses
    Fountain Hills, Arizona Golf Courses
    Ft. McDowell, Arizona Golf Courses
    Gilbert, Arizona Golf Courses
    Glendale, Arizona Golf Courses
    Goodyear, Arizona Golf Courses
    Litchfield Park, Arizona Golf Courses
    Mesa, Arizona Golf Courses
    Paradise Valley, Arizona Golf Courses
    Peoria, Arizona Golf Courses
    Phoenix, Arizona Golf Courses
    Queen Creek, Arizona Golf Courses
    Scottsdale, Arizona Golf Courses
    Sun City West, Arizona Golf Courses
    Sun Lakes, Arizona Golf Courses
    Surprise, Arizona Golf Courses
    Tempe, Arizona Golf Courses

    Have fun golfing!

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    Great American Realty, Inc.

    Cell: (480) 695-6672
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