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BlogArizona.com - An Arizona Real Estate Blog
BlogArizona.com offers discussions on a wide variety of subjects, but focuses on Arizona and real estate.  The articles  posted here are contributed by various working professionals.  Their insights and experiences will inform, educate, challenge and entertain our readers week after week.  Some of the best reading on blogs often comes from reader Comments!  We encourage you to use the 'Comments' feature to join discussions and interact with both our Contributors, and our other readers.  We do require that you first review and accept our 'Comment Rules' in order to preserve the quality and integrity of this blog.  Also be aware that all visitors are subject to our Terms of Use.

We put the 'REAL' back in real estate!

About BlogArizona.com

BlogArizona.com is your premiere Arizona Real Estate Blog...we are Arizona real estate professionals discussing Arizona and real estate.  However, our blog is not limited to homebuyer & seller information...we will have many intriguing discussions that everybody will want to read!  In addition to a wealth of information, BlogArizona.com offers features that everyone will enjoy such as the Cartoon of the Day, Today in History, and an interactive Poll to name a few.  For those buying or selling a home, we have essential real estate tools including a mortgage calculator, Arizona MLS search, and even a feature that will remind you when your new home warranty is about to expire!  Homeowners, buyers and sellers can use our "Interview" system to find the perfect professional for any job.  And don't forget to visit the BlogArizona.com Online Store to find original gifts for the real estate agent or other professional in your life!  Whether you live in Arizona, or on the other side of the world, you will want to come back and BlogArizona!

We wish you a safe and happy blogging experience!

CAUTION:  Please be advised that blogging can be addictive!!!


Contact BlogArizona.com

If you need to contact BlogArizona.com, please email us at:  [email protected]


Terms of Use

All BlogArizona.com visitors are subject to the following terms & conditions:

The information found on this site is provided by various Contributors and does not express the opinions of BlogArizona.com, its owners or employees.  BlogArizona.com and its Contributors provide all information on this site as a courtesy only.  While we have tried to ensure that the information being provided is complete, accurate and reliable, no warranties or guarantees are made to that effect.  Additionally, we have tried to ensure that file downloads offered at BlogArizona.com are free from viruses, but we do not guarantee it.  Be sure that you are using up-to-date virus protection before downloading any files from this blog or from any other website.

Although BlogArizona.com contains paid advertisements, BlogArizona.com does not endorse any of the products or services shown on this blog.  You are advised to read our important Disclosure, AND thoroughly investigate any business or individual you find on BlogArizona.com, or any other website, prior to transacting business or entering into any agreements.  While BlogArizona.com contains links to other internet sites, these links are not endorsements of any products, services, information, etc. offered on such sites. 

Any and all liability for incorrect or incomplete information, defective products or services, offensive materials, electronic viruses, etc. obtained on this blog or any of its links is hereby disclaimed by BlogArizona.com.

All visitors to this blog who use the 'Comments' feature are also subject to the Comment Rules below.


Disclosure - Important!

BlogArizona.com feels that possible conflicts of interest should always be disclosed.  Therefore, we'd like you to know that BlogArizona.com is extremely biased when it comes to recommending home inspectors!  This is because the owner of BlogArizona.com is also part owner of Homewerx Home Inspections.  Additionally, Homewerx Home Inspections is a major sponsor of BlogArizona.com, and as such, it's the only home inspection company you'll find on BlogArizona.com.  So if you came to BlogArizona.com hoping to find an impartial opinion on which home inspection company to call in Arizona, you came to the wrong place!  The owner of BlogArizona.com is also a licensed Realtor® with Great American Realty, Inc.


Comment Rules   

Your comments should relate to the post you are commenting on.  The content of a comment should NOT focus on your company, product or service.  It is okay to mention what you do or the company you work for in your comment, but IF and ONLY IF it is relevant…don’t stretch it!  Your comment should not be an advertisement.  No comment spamming!

Comment on subjects that you know about.  State information as fact only if you know it is true.  If you aren’t sure of something, say so.  If you are giving an opinion, say so.  If you use information from questionable sources, say so.  Immediately correct any incorrect information you write in your comments, as they become permanent content on the blog.

Do NOT plagiarize or steal content.  Always properly cite your sources if you use something that is not completely your own.  Give URL's for any online sources you reference.  Obey and respect copyright and other laws.

It is okay to write informally, but ALWAYS be professional and avoid making comments that might offend others.   Do not verbally attack or badmouth people or businesses – if you must mention negatives, do not give names of companies or people involved.

Be honest.  Always disclose any conflicts of interests.

By making a comment on this blog, you agree to these Comment Rules, and to our Terms of Use.  Furthermore, you agree to accept full liability and responsibility for all of your Comments, irrevocably releasing and indemnifying BlogArizona.com, its Contributors, employees, owners and insurers from any and all claims or causes of action based upon any damages which may result as a consequence of, or relating to any Comments you make on this blog.  BlogArizona.com, its Contributors, employees, owners and insurers disclaim any and all liability for your Comments. 

BlogArizona.com, in it's sole discretion, reserves the right to edit or remove Comments that do not meet our requirements.  Making Comments on this blog is a privilege, NOT a right!  BlogArizona.com reserves the right to revoke the Comment privileges of any visitor, at any time, for any reason.       


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