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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sheriff Joe Enforces Immigration Law, Phoenix Mayor Upset

Normally, I don't post on such political topics.  But this Arizona Republic article was so one-sided, I had to blog about it just to mention the part of the story the AZ Republic blindly disregarded.  Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon is asking the FBI to investigate Sheriff Joe Arpaio for alleged civil rights violations.  The Mayor is complaining about Sheriff Joe's recent illegal immigrant raids because Mayor Gordon claims Sheriff Joe is using racial profiling.  In short, the Mayor is complaining that Sheriff Joe is enforcing the law.

I just wonder...is this the same Mayor Phil Gordon who recently gave press conferences about how he was going to end Phoenix's sanctuary city policy after a Phoenix police officer was needlessly shot and killed by an illegal alien?  I guess that was just for the news cameras.  When it comes to actually following through, perhaps a few more officers will have to be killed first.

And don't you love the way the Arizona Republic article mentions (more than once) that Mayor Gordon recently "called on Phoenix police to play a more active role in enforcing immigration laws".  But nowhere in the article does it mention that Mayor Gordon took that stance after a Phoenix police officer was needlessly shot in the face and killed by an illegal immigrant, in cold blood.  And this was an illegal immigrant who had previously been arrested for less serious charges and deported.  But apparently, anybody who wants to walk across our border and kill our citizens is free to do so (thank you for trying to keep it that way Mayor Gordon).

Mayor Gordon says Sheriff Joe should focus on real criminals.  Last I heard, being here illegally is illegal.  And when someone is killed needlessly by an illegal immigrant, doesn't it usually turn out that the killer was previously arrested for less serious crimes?  If authorities had only deported the person and meant it the first time, maybe we'd have one less dead Phoenix police officer.

I realize all illegal immigrants are not criminals, but as long as our borders are wide open, the bad guys are coming across too.  In my opinion, people like Mayor Gordon who scream 'racist' everytime someone tries to actually deal with the problem need to wipe the blood off their hands and face reality.  How many people have to be killed and how many children have to be molested before we finally decide to enforce our laws...and mean it.

We need to get past the politics and secure our borders... for real this time.  Until that happens, I say go Sheriff Joe!

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Posted by Shannon Hubbard, AZ Realtor & Computer Guru on April 14, 2008 | Permalink


very interesting views

Posted by: online estate agents | Apr 15, 2008 2:26:30 AM

go joe is right. i agree completely with what he's doing and wish more law enforcement agencies would follow his lead and start dealing with illegal immigration problem. why criticize the sheriff for enforcing the law. i'd be more mad if he wasn't.

Posted by: roger, phoenix az | Apr 16, 2008 11:59:22 AM

go Sheriff Joe!!!!

Posted by: az real estate broker | Apr 16, 2008 5:01:50 PM

Great blog post!! I agree - way to go Joe! My husband was on military duty helping to secure the border, but a funny thing happened. Once it was determined that the military presence was helping deter the illegals, they removed almost all of the military. Makes you wonder why...... I'm sure the family of the Phoenix Police Officer (God rest his soul) would like to know why too.

Posted by: Proud American | Apr 16, 2008 11:42:24 PM

Thank you all for stopping by. I was sure my inbox would be filled with hate mail and racist accusations, but surprisingly I haven't seen one yet (I just jinxed myself probably!).

Proud American - tell your husband thank you for his service, and thank you also! My husband and I were in the military several years back, and it wasn't until I got out (and my husband stayed in) that I realized how much military families really sacrifice too -especially these days, with non-stop deployments one right after the next.

Your comment perfectly describes the problem with our borders... our government doesn't want to secure them. It's that simple. Our government could secure the borders, they just won't. How embarrassing that we're the greatest, most powerful country on the face of the earth, yet we don't even have the political courage to secure our own borders. What a shame.

Posted by: Shannon Hubbard | Apr 17, 2008 9:52:37 AM

Thanks Shannon, I know exactly what you mean about the conversion from military member to family member. I flew aeromedical evac (Air Force) in both the curent wars (2 separate tours) and got out (medical d/c) in 04. I met my husband on my second tour for the Iraq war.

I miss the military terribly and had a hard time adjusting to being "just a spouse". I'm still adjusting. One thing I found to be true, at least for myself, is that it was easier being the one leaving than the one "left behind".

If you feel like chatting more offlist, feel free to contact me on my e-mail. If my e-mail isn't available to you, let me know here and I'll send it to you through yours.

Great talking to you :-)

Posted by: Proud American | Apr 17, 2008 10:11:31 AM

Ooops - current, not curent. Guess I should preview before I post!

Posted by: Proud American | Apr 17, 2008 10:13:54 AM

I agree and you have a point there. Very interesting concept.


Posted by: lucas law center | Jun 25, 2009 3:38:21 AM

Sherriff Joe may be the last 'American' standing! Hats off to him for enforcing he law. We should have the mayor investigated for obstruction of justice from keeping an officer of te law from doing his job! You cannot help but wonder is the mayor on the take?

Posted by: Alexandria Homes for Sale - Ellen Crawford | Jul 30, 2009 2:15:32 PM

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