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Friday, October 26, 2007

AZ Home Inspector Adventures - Inspecting a Phoenix House

As a home inspector, I get to know a person's home very well during the several hours I'm there poking around.  To do my job properly, I have to look in closets, open cabinets & drawers, and scrutinize literally every corner of the home.  And believe me, I've seen everything from drug stashes, to tenants illegally hooking up to power using automotive jumper cables, to a half-dozen weiner dogs trying to run up stairs to follow me (which was hilarious by the way - have you ever seen a weiner dog trying to run up stairs?!).

Performing hundreds of home inspections a year, I definitely come across my share of interesting and even funny situations.  Sometimes I find conditions with the house that are unique or in some way worthy of blogging about.  Other times, the most memorable part of my inspection has nothing to do with the house at all.  In fact, some of the funniest things I come across seem to involve children and pets.  Perhaps it's because I always try to introduce myself to the 'little folks' when I enter a home, just to let them know I come in peace (both children and pets seem to appreciate that).  Some will follow me around and become my best pal as I do the inspection.  Others do not accept my peace offering at all, and either hide or just watch me very closely during the inspection.  As I mentioned, I've even been stalked by a herd of weiner dogs.

So as you can tell by now, this post has nothing to do with the home inspection itself, as the title might Kitty in the corner during a home inspection! suggest.  Instead, it's about this somewhat anti-social, little grey, furry guy I came across while I was inspecting the exterior of a Phoenix home the other day.  When I first got to the inspection, this cat was sitting in a corner, all curled up with his face buried in the corner.  When I got near him, he ran and buried his face in the corner pictured here.  He stayed there with his face in the corner for most of my inspection (roughly 2 hours).  It was almost as if he was in a kitty 'time-out' or something. 

I never met the owners, and I still don't know why this cat sat in the corner for 2 hours.  But I did eventually make peace with him, and he even let me pet him before I left the property!

Scott Hubbard of Homewerx Home Inspections in Phoenix, Arizona Written By: Scott Hubbard
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