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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Home Maintenance Inspection Can Prevent Costly Repairs

Deteriorated Bathtub Caulking Can Cause Water Damage and/or Mold Most people think home inspections are just for buyers and sellers.  However, routine home inspections can also be a huge benefit to the average homeowner by identifying problems early, while they're still relatively easy and inexpensive to repair.  This type of inspection is called a Home Maintenance Inspection.

For example, water damage around the bathtub or shower enclosure is a common problem I come across while performing home inspections.  Often, this damage is caused by something as simple as bad caulking.  Although it's so easy to prevent, I can't tell you how many significant moisture problems I see that are caused solely by bad caulking.  Whether the home is brand new or 100 years old, insufficient or deteriorated caulking can allow water intrusion into the walls and/or flooring, eventually leading to significant water damage and even mold.  Homeowners tell me all the time that they noticed that area with torn or missing caulking around the bathtub, but thought it was no big deal.  Several years later, they go to sell their house and find out there's mold in the wall, which literally can costs tens of thousands of dollars to remediate.  In some very severe cases, a mold problem can even make a home uninsurable, which means nobody can buy it since mortgage companies will almost always require homeowners insurance before loaning money to a buyer.  If the problem had been addressed when it was just bad caulking, it would have cost about $5 and thirty minutes of their time to correct.  The homeowners weren't being lazy or negligent, they simply didn't know.

Moisture is just one example of how a fairly simple problem can become very costly if ignored.  Brand new homes are no exception.  In fact, brand new homes often have very costly defects, such as no insulation or an unfinished roof.  So it's important to have a Construction Inspection while the home is being built, as well as a Warranty Inspection before your warranty expires (and while the builder is still paying for repairs!).  Problems that are identified early can usually be repaired with less cost and headache.  Remember, knowledge is power...and an ounce of inspection is worth a pound of repair!

Scott Hubbard of Homewerx Home Inspections in Phoenix, Arizona Written By: Scott Hubbard
Certified Home Inspector, ASHI® Member
Homewerx Home Inspections
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Posted by Scott Hubbard, Arizona Home Inspector on June 13, 2007 | Permalink


Thanks for the tip!

Posted by: Phoenix Info | Jun 13, 2007 7:30:37 PM

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