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Friday, June 02, 2006

What's Up with All the Bee Swarms in Arizona Lately?

Lately on the news, I've seen several stories about bee swarms in Arizona.  In fact, just yesterday, there were 2 stories about bees in Arizona on the news channel I watch (a national news channel).  There was a story about a dog in Peoria that was swarmed by kajillions of bees and firefighters had to rescue him.  The dog was okay, but a little freaked out as you can imagine!  There was also a guy who was swarmed by bees while he was hiking yesterday.  I'm not sure where in Arizona it was, but I think he ended up falling off a cliff trying to get away from the bees.  I don't think he was hurt too badly, if at all.  I just caught the tail end of the story, so I didn't hear all the details.

Also, a couple months ago, there was an incident at an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game in Tucson where the game actually had to be cancelled because there were bees all over the field.  The game was between the Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies, and the bees were really going after some of the players (must have been their cologne!).  The bees were so bad, the umpires had to call the game after only 5 innings.  But Arizona was ahead 3-1 so it was okay!

I don't know why we're seeing so many bee swarms all the sudden, but they are no joke.  I remember when I was a kid, we found a bee hive in one of the trees in our front yard.  My parents called the animal control people and they came out with their protective suits and took it away.

So what do you do if you're swarmed by bees?  Well, we've all seen the cartoons...you look for water to jump in!  Okay, not really - I just made that up!  According to experts, the best thing to do if you get swarmed by bees is to run (as if you need an expert to tell you that!).  No, really.  Apparently, bees will not usually run more than a quarter mile to a half mile, and a person can generally outrun them.  You should cover your head since they like to attack the head.

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Posted by Shannon Hubbard, AZ Realtor & Computer Guru on June 2, 2006 | Permalink


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