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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Exclusive Advertisements

If you become an Exclusive Advertiser on BlogArizona.com, you essentially buy an entire Category in the 'Find a Professional' section.  If we already have ads running in the Category you want, you may reserve the Category upon expiration of those ads, and we will not renew the current ads or sell any new ads in that section.  In addition to being listed in the 'Find a Professional' section, your Category & ad will be added to the 'Ask an Expert' section.  Your Exclusive Advertisement is truly 'exclusive' and includes all of the following:

  • An ad in the 'Find a Professional' section (same as a standard listing, except that an Exclusive Advertiser is allowed 25 lines @ 100 characters each, instead of the 15 lines allowed in a regular 'Find a Professional' ad).  Your ad will be the only ad that appears under your Category, and the text link to your Category in the Sidebar will link directly to your ad.
  • An ad in the 'Ask an Expert' section, with a text link to this ad in the Sidebar.  Some of the information in this ad is standardized, but you will also be allowed up to 5 lines of formatted text @ 100 characters each, as well as a 3 line signature block with your contact info and links to your website/email address.  You will receive the questions from potential clients by email.
  • A Sidebar Ad under the "Special Thanks to:" heading (.jpg, .gif, .png or html.  Max. width=175 pixels/Max. height=200 pixels).  The ad is linked to your website (opens in a new window), or we can link it to your 'Find a Professional' or 'Ask an Expert' ad.
  • A text link in the Sidebar under "Please Support our Sponsors:" (the link opens your website in a new window, or we can link it to your 'Find a Professional' or 'Ask an Expert' ad.  Link may contain 50 characters max.)
  • Basically, Exclusive Advertisers appear everywhere you look, all over this blog!  There is no doubt that your ads on BlogArizona.com will expose your product or service to our readers.  But did you know that links to your website can also increase your website's ranking with the search engines!  Exclusive Advertisers get maximum exposure on BlogArizona.com PLUS several links to their own website!  Exclusive Advertisements are limited and prices vary depending on the Category.

    For more information, click here.

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